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Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a traditional Southern Chinese Kung Fu martial art specialising in close range combat. 

It is well known for being economical, direct and efficient.

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Junior Class

Our kid's classes are fun and enjoyable as Children learn best through play and fun, so we make sure that they enjoy their classes and learn important skills such as teamwork, focus, control, manners, and discipline - plus the confidence to stand up for themselves.


In every lesson, we work with the children to help develop good manners, correct etiquette, strong teamwork and a can-do work ethic with the belief that their hard work will end with good results.


"With bullying on the increase in schools, our kids are introduced to psychological aspects of self-defense from day one. Learning how to escape from a threatening situation without resorting to violence is always our aim.


Both Carl and Brandon have enhanced disclosures (CRB/DBS), have been properly trained, insured and qualified to make sure that your child's introduction to the Martial Arts is the best it can be.


Make the right choice for your child. Get them involved in a sport and a club which will keep them active, healthy and safe for life.




If you would like to arrange a FREE TASTER CLASS  click on the button below to contact us.




Adult Class

Why go to the gym just to get fit?



Come along to our exciting Martial Arts classes where you can get fit, de-stress, lose weight, learn self-defense and train with great like-minded people.





Don’t be put off trying a class by your current fitness level, age or experience. Our classes are open to all and are very welcoming to new members. Our classes are carefully planned to create a positive and engaging environment that will give you the support and encouragement you’ll need to excel in both the Martial Arts and life!



Our fun and friendly Kung Fu classes are designed to help you improve your fitness, lose weight and learn to defend yourself. We teach traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu and modern progressive kung fu that develops power, speed, and superb cardiovascular endurance, as well as fighting spirit.  If you're looking for a lively, fun and challenging way to keep fit and learn to defend yourself, these classes are perfect for you.


Wing Chun is a very unique and scientific close quarter fighting art that originates from China.It uses very fast punches and kicks with tight defence. Students will learn how to overcome force and strength with positioning and turning rather than meeting it head-on.


This style uses Punches, Elbows, Palm Strikes, Control and Trapping techniques as part of its attack and defence.

Self-defence skills are acquired rapidly in a friendly, helpful atmosphere, and members are often surprised at the efficiency of techniques learned from the first day of training.






If you would like to arrange a FREE TASTER CLASS  click on the button below to contact us.

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